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Have you ever wondered how destiny works? How it was planned for you and your soul mate to meet at the right time, at the right place?


Are you single?

Are you still single?

How long have you been single?

Since birth? Do you always wonder how long it will take you to meet the right one?


Are you sure you haven't met the one?

Maybe you have already bumped unto him, but you were too busy admiring the cover of a magazine in a newspaper stand.

Maybe he was the one sitting beside you at the assembly while you were staring at your crush as he made his speech.

Maybe you had the chance to talk to him while dialing random numbers trying to guess the number of your next door neighbor.

Maybe he should have been your seatmate, but you begged to sit next to your best friend.

Maybe he was someone you knew, but you pretended to have someone for the sake of
peer pressure.

And maybe, just maybe, you already met him, but you were too busy pursuing someone you didn't even have the slightest chance.


Destiny is patience' twin. One will not exist without the other. If you truly wait, something really comes. And maybe that something might be your someone.

In my case, I have no idea why in my 25 years of living, I haven't found the right one.

I had my first crush in grade 3. Had my first kiss in grade 5, first boyfriend in first year, and my second and third before the year ended. I fell in love deeply in junior high but we broke up in my senior year.

After a year, I moved on and fell for my best friend. I thought he was the one, that I was looking for the right guy elsewhere yet he was already with me. We were happy then. I could keep all those memories inside a bottle, and just treasure it till our last days.

Until, we fell out of that hot air balloon called love.

Between us, I felt it first. Like I knew something had changed or it wasn't really there in the first place. We parted as friends.

That was 3 years ago.

I'm really sure destiny wouldn't give me an0ther chance again. For I wasted my life playing, dancing around it.

It didn't occur to me how much the price was at stake. A thinking that maybe that someone got tired of waiting for me was something that often scares me. Did I already lose the chance?

Have I lost him?
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